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Printing ink advertisement is politic
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Printing ink advertisement is politic

Strategy of ad of printing ink area and strategy of countrywide mart ad are the oldest different depend on, area advertisement puts in a requirement to be able to be enclothed well and truly, have specific aim ground to appeal to more beg. Printing ink manufacturer puts in advertisement to be able to transmit printing ink information well and truly in region market presswork enterprise, establish a good brand image effectively in region market quickly, gain direct competition advantage.
   Advertisement puts in strategy
On time, publicize a form through effective advertisement, grading finishs market acknowledge, consolidate existing market, build example market, develop new market stage by stage, enlarge the market to have rate. In principle, with printing ink the sale is a foundation, where to have presswork enterprise and client, where should advertisement accomplish.
On strategy, move with be being pulled bit higher, low is enclothed, whole cooperates with, the strategic movement of mutual support by coordinated action, sufficient play advertisement develops medium effect in region market.
Suffer on numerous choice, be aimed at directly presswork the factory spreads out appeal to beg, engraft effectively the characteristic of printing ink and brand advantage, stimulation pressworks the desire to buy of the enterprise looks, facilitating reality buys deed, increase sales volume quickly.
Area distributings on, accomplish key market key to put in, blame key market puts in effectively.
On tactics, finish cent to cut, guard, the strategic movement of each checkmate, strive to get first-rate advertisement effect and economic benefits with the smallest investment, the value that develops advertisement transmission is the greatest change.
   Area advertisement puts in 3 phase
Will tell commonly, printing ink manufacturer develops a new region market, should grading is made the market is extended and sell promotion plan. Guide in the whole of the plan below, area advertisement puts in the action that also should differ in different level play, carry out put in strategy differently, and complementary with corresponding management activity.
1. Enter phase
Core purpose is with strong advertisement the sale that supports market of region of new developed area is extended, strive to realize printing ink to sell ” of “ make a good beginning.
(1) ad assignment: As management job finish basically, the sale of area area under administration is being built, market shop goods can have been satisfied imprint those who brush the market is preliminary buy demand. Accordingly, printing ink manufacturer should strike while iron is hot, give the sales promotion of advertisement of market infuse stitch in starting activator, finish the acknowledge of region market quickly, improve the market famous degree, build channel confidence through advertisement further at the same time, tamp manages the job, accomplish the market to develop to the queen's taste.
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