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Printing ink industry in China the inadequacies
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The development of packaging industry is currently a booming present, along with printing ink industry is also developing rapidly. The data was collected according to the author: The United States is the world's largest producer and consumer of ink, followed by Japan, Germany, the third, I State ranks fourth. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the prosperity of the printing and packaging industry, printing ink manufacturing industry led to rapid growth, making China among the last ten years, the rapid rise to become one of the world's ink manufacturing power , The current size of the domestic printing ink industry is more than 10% rate of sustained rapid growth. The end of 2010, total consumption of printing ink in China will reach 43 million tons / year level. Ink industry has a huge space for development . The rapid development of ink to a certain extent, promoted the economic development, the positive impact is great, but we also see the lack of development, because only by understanding the deficiencies can accelerate the improvement Faster positive development. Shortcomings can be attributed to the following: 1. At present most of the ink manufacturers are not sufficiently large, so that individual companies in the market share is not high. 2. Ink industry's technological innovation capacity compared to some European and American countries are not strong enough, in the technical field, there are many areas need improvement. 3. The lack of technical talent, we lack the ink industry's technical talent, so to attract qualified personnel and personnel training should put on the agenda. 4. The current domestic production of green ink is not strong, and even some not reached, there is insufficient supply of high-grade ink. Ink industry's overall positive development history, but there are some shortcomings and weaknesses, we have to improve and enhance the market competitiveness of the self, and increase the industry's technology investment, enhance the development of environmentally friendly ink, oil Mexico's research and development should be based on independent innovation as the main direction; strengthen theoretical study and ink technology professionals and more. Pay as long as the implementation of these measures, the development will be able to push the peak of the ink.