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Specialty printing brief introduction
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Specialty printing brief introduction

One, presswork edition material develops tendency
In the past smooth imprint the material of flat printing plate such as craft use deep-etch plate and albumen edition, material of this kind of edition is edition radical with zincograph 50 time, coarse of classics of surface of people discovery aluminous edition is changed (produce arenaceous item) after processing, have good hydrophily, the aluminium that then will sensitive fluid grants to besmear cloth is changed in arenaceous eye first on edition radical, make PS edition make the same score imprint use at present material of this kind of edition already was become average capable person of imprinted dominant sex edition
The technology that digitlizes as a result of plate making craft is in close year development is very rapid, pass data of computer plate making because of this different film manuscript to be made directly presswork the CTP(computer direct plate making of edition) the technology already entered practical phase, the exposure develop of CTP edition material and conventional technology are different, it passes forme tabulator control, operate stimulate scanning of beam of light to undertake, means of this kind of scanning can be divided for flat look, inside cylinder form, outside cylinder form, mutual difference is bigger.   
Place of craft of CTP plate making is laser with the exposure light source of edition material, according to its wavelengh differs the minute of scanning that it is light scanning that reach heat smooth scanning laser wavelengh is inside visible light limits, hot scanning laser wavelengh is inside infrared limits, smooth scanning edition material, differ into what resemble kind according to sensitive data, image and separate the group that it is light model, silver-colored salt diffuses turn imprint model, silver-colored salt polymer is compound model, the electron takes a picture model cent of material of scanning waiting for heat edition reacts for heat model, laser denudes model, photograph commutation wait.
Up to now, the scanning advantage that has bright room to work is heated up in the various edition material that rolls out by company of each plate making, but the price of hot laser unit of high power is high, can taller 〕 will adjust waste time henceforth the improvement of material of of all kinds edition, the key is being used convenient, the price is low, printability relatively craft of beautiful CTP plate making introduces presswork the effect of the bound and the settlement that if express,show these one issues 3 times about the problem basically depend on black-and-white is digitlized in the round. Conduce to plate making pressworking so craft improves efficiency further, quality is stable
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