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Steam cling to essence of life is changed (Ciba) electric printing ink
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Steam cling to essence of life is changed (Ciba) electric printing ink

Steam cling to essence of life is changed (Ciba) depended on its a few days ago printing ink of electric conduction of the economy of new development multipurpose, won the award of material of progress of science and technology that issues by IDTechEx. It is reported by steam cling to a series of this electric printing ink that essence of life turns research and development, the biggest characteristic can satisfy medium of low cost electric conduction to use namely, reduced from whole thereby presswork cost. DTechEx issues presswork electronic material award depends on encourage and commending pressworking the new technology that material domain appears and new product. Origin of IDTechEx prize-giving committee is taught from the major of 3 different universities and IDTechEx is comprised, award the result is in German heart is tired this year in April this the IDTechEx that holds suddenly pressworks announce on congress of electronic material Europe, issue. IDTechEx pressworks congress of electronic material Europe also is up to now, the conference activity with this the largest trade.

Ciba®XYMARA™High speed can presswork electric printing ink, can use at radio frequency identifying (RFID) antenna, pack and artistic domain. The printing ink of this breed can finish solidify below inferior temperature (under70 ° C) , and suit the base material with a variety of different qualitative capable person undertake applied. Applicable of printing ink of Ciba XYMARA electron pressworks at high speed process, have super- strong line with resolution.

Steam cling to essence of life is changed (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) is the business of production of careful chemical industry that a headquarters sets in Swiss Basel. It sets 79 branches in 28 countries, employee amounts to 19300 people and the research center related 24 careful chemical industry is set in 12 countries. The product is plastic, printing ink, coating, paper, car, building and family expenses and individual to nurse the product is offerred colour, protection, function and durable 4 big efficiency. Steam cling to essence of life changes product service to enclothe exceed the whole world home of 120 each country, company sales revenue reached franc of 6.5 billion Switzerland 2007, the company exceeds franc of 260 million Switzerland with the investment at research and development of science and technology.
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