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Pre-press ink cleaner production program management
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Production process: pre-press Programme Name: pre-press ink cleaner production program management Program classification: Process Improvement Before improvement: The traditional method of ink prepress management attention is not enough, most of the manufacturers of artificial management, safety in the environment, color standards, proofing systems, inventory control, the use of records, information systems, a relatively complete lack of standardized management control system. Ink costs only a small portion of the total cost of print, but if the ink management problems, will make a great paper processing waste arising in the course, even in the downstream value-added chain links exposed. Improved: Use of automated computer management system and product distribution system is to improve the level of the ink room management is an important means. Most printers and ink room should be equipped with 1-2 technical managers who are responsible for providing for the printing ink, in addition responsible for the color standard, buying ink, inventory management, management of waste film, summary loss reports and summary usage records and, most importantly, the total volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the use of records. (1) pre-press ink deal: pre-press ink deal is the purchase of the ink room and technical personnel from printing ink to the ink distribution to a series of steps before the operation team and procedures. Every business should formulate and improve the operation of the rules so that the ink room technicians to clear their own responsibility, and good communication between the staff of other processes, and fully understand the difficulty of their jobs, so proper management of printing ink, and to optimize the way they classes available to the press operations to meet production needs. (2) ink room design: ink room should be by means of computer network systems and ink manufacturers to maintain close contact with the enterprises should also be the production, management and sales departments to establish contact digitizing system. (3) ink room management system: Whether printing, the actual use and how the printing press type, ink room must establish a process to control all the key sound system. A clean production room printing ink business environment should be safe, color standards, proofing systems, inventory control, the use of records, information systems to develop a sound management control system. Automatic ink mixing distribution system has several advantages: ① ink production under the time production (JIT) automatic distribution system to help print and paper processing companies for each print job to provide timely and quantitative ink. ② supply each order is more accurate. Previously, the ink is always more than the actual order demand. Fear that many accidental factors that could cause the ink consumption within budget. Automatic ink distribution system, when you need ink, just press a button with an additional ink. This is extremely beneficial to reduce the recovery of old Mexico. ③ quality and stability. Automated distribution system high repeatability and can easily handle repeat orders. Need to be adjusted so that the color of the opportunities and significantly reduce the chance of waste generated, so the amount of ink to further reduce inventory. Effectiveness of energy conservation: Used with a certain level of computer control and automation of the ink distribution system can better control the ink quality, increase the level of clean production. Automated distribution system installed in the printing ink and paper processing companies to the press to minimize non-productive time, and can significantly reduce the recovery of ink. The system also enables recovery of both the old ink can be reused quickly. Ink system can be calculated automatically assigned to a specific color of ink mixing the various components of the amount required, and precise quantitative supply of these components. Notes on implementation of the program: In addition the ink room should be in color management, measurement of color, equipment, color matching step, proofing, ink mixing and poor aspects of adjusting to do before printing capacity of the management and technical processes to enhance the level of the ink room. This level of management to improve pre-press ink, print quality and can protect the latter part of the overall cost reduction. Investment and payback period: 200-300 million yuan, payback period 3-5 years.