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Watermark UV inks between the sample and standard sample
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Both instruments measure the gloss can also be judged with the naked eye, usually in the process of matching visual observation alone. Gloss actually refers to the ink sample after irradiation by light reflecting light in the same direction the extent of our capability. Its direct impact on the appearance of printed matter is a very important indicator. At the same time, the choice of ink, the ink itself is to distinguish between light, half light or matt inks, to avoid mixing errors.
Hue is the color of the basic features, for a qualitative difference. Color, the first thing to consider are the same hue, and its detection methods are usually colored by scraping or scratching kind of paper to simulate the printing, with the eyes of the standard sample and samples were observed and compared.

Ink cover is hiding the extent of their background. The worse the better the hiding power and transparency, transparency level of the ink color printing by the printing substrate efficiency and impact. Concentration of colored ink, said the level of force is a way. The determination is based on a certain amount of ink then add a certain number of standard white ink to dilute the mixture, then the sample compared with the standard method. Difference reflects the strength of the ink color mixing power level of the printing ink film thickness.