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Organic light is sent become angry the application of material
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Organic light is sent become angry the application of material

Organic light is sent become angry material is in recent years on international new material of a kind of when appear new-style function, it already got applied in high-tech domain not only, and also cut a figure in civil industry. Abroad already had a few at using dress, plastic wait for civil product, cause each country to pay close attention to and take seriously of entrepreneur. Our country is sent in organic light become angry the research of data side, already reached world advanced level.
Consumed is sent become angry the coating of material can make all sorts of commodity, dress, toy, adornment, baby carrier or Tu Bu arrive on wall of inside and outside, road sign and building all sorts of designation that wait, design, the design with outstanding rich, gorgeous colour or figure present in the meeting below illumination, the life of people reachs beautification environment; Can make it is transparent plastic film, be stuck or on built-in automobile glass or pane, solar illuminate becomes angry immediately, make solar not dazzling, protect vision, assure safety, can rise to adjust indoor the action with the temperature inside the car; OK still in dissolve person or interfuse plastic film, use as agriculture is big canopy farming film, the yield that raises produce, vegetable, fruit to wait. Another main use is to use as on the military affairs concealment material, for example the outer garment of the dress of martial personnel and battle weapon.
Light is sent become angry the trade that stuff place involves is the market particularly big, the dress printing and dyeing that has 1% for example is sent with glazing become angry material, so the whole nation has layette of a few ten million to hold sale, lowest also achieves l100000000 or so yuan; The plastic product that has 1% is sent with glazing become angry material, so the whole nation also has 10 thousand thousand a few articles for use, sale at least also is in 100 million yuan of above; Concealment plus film of paint printing ink, safe glass, military affairs the industry such as material, can form a giant new industry group.
Organic light is sent become angry material falls in sunlight or illuminate of other light source, the meeting is very quick by colorless or light color becomes all sorts of color such as gules, green, blue, purple, stop illumination or heat to regain former neutral position again, it is reversible become angry process. The purpose that studies on international is to use Yu Guangxin data of chip of material of gene of material of breath memory, smooth adjusting control, smooth switch, optical parts of an apparatus, smooth information, got-up gene, and our country brainpower divides afore-mentioned targets outside, still use it successfully at preventing bogus identifying material, new research makes clear, benefit consumed sends the character that become angry, but preparation is mixed from develop sensitization film holography material, benefit consumed is sent become angry reaction can come true actinic bistable, usable Yunami measures class to record the high-powered computer of component to wait.
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