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Home is at present acrylic circumstance of supply and demand
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Home is at present acrylic circumstance of supply and demand

The copolymerization monomer acrylic acid that acrylic acid basically uses at producing water-solubility coating and adhesive to use is fourth ester and second ester, also use at producing resin of tall water imbibition, among them thick (not purificatory) acrylic acid basically is used at producing acrylic ester (the most important ester having man, armour ester, second ester) , and coating, papermaking, spin change and the other ramification with industrial printing ink.
Long-term since, development of our country acrylic industry cannot satisfy the market demand that increases quickly, need a large number of imports. Because in last few years project of a few construction is finished in succession, mixed 2006 Chinese acrylic supply and demand was balanced basically 2007, by 2007, chinese acrylic acid is produced can achieve 885 thousand tons, acrylic ester is produced can achieve 830 thousand tons. Predict 2010, chinese acrylic acid is produced can will amount to 900 thousand tons, acrylic ester is produced can will amount to 980 thousand tons.
Development of acrylic industry future has powerful driving force
Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, the 4 large driving force that the building, spin, material that pack and wholesome material domain will become future of our country acrylic market to develop.
Building an industry is the main consumption domain of our country acrylic acid. The residence builds rapid development, the demand that builds coating and building fluid sealant to acrylic emulsion will increase considerably. Among them acrylic 2- second base personal ester basically is used at producing adhesive, ester of polypropylene acerbity second basically is used at producing coating. Acrylic (ester) kind building latex product because function is exceedingly good, friendly to the environment, can use as inside, outside wall paint, favor by the user. Predict our country built coating demand to will amount to 2.8 million tons 2010, the general acrylic acid of form a complete set (ester) consumption is 300 thousand tons.
Chemical fibber industry already made industry of national economy dominant and extroversion industry. Predict 2010, chinese spin dress exports the forehead to will reach 120 billion dollar, occupy world dry goods to export the 30 % of amount about. Chemical fibber and development of spin garment estate and product class rise, to acrylic acid (ester) kind oar of printing of makings of high-grade spin oar, coating and treatment are sure to grow considerably with the demand such as adhesive.
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