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The high-tech liability that printing ink admits
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The high-tech liability that printing ink admits

Through in last few years develop, the high-tech tendency of printing ink is increasingly outstanding, the demand that tastes quality to pressworking as people is higher and higher, so that improve the quality of presswork,this also should rise with respect to the quality of requirement printing ink. So, applying high-tech to develop printing ink manufacturing industry is with when the development train of thought that all enters.

One, environmental protection printing ink
Printing ink is the contaminative source with printer the at present biggest line of business, world printing ink produces per year a quantity to already amounted to 3 million tons. The whole world that causes every year by printing ink organic volatile (VOC) pollutes discharge capacity oneself amount to hundred thousands of tons. These organic volatile, can form more serious than carbon dioxide greenhouse effect, and oxide and photochemical smog can be formed below the illuminate of sunshine, pollute atmosphere environment badly, affect people health. In addition, toy of food, children pack the common printing ink that in pressworking, uses, its what the harmful to human body composition such as organic dissolvent, heavy metal returns the person that can endanger edible directly, person that contact is healthy. And, the cry as environmental protection is increasingly rising, regard green black-and-white as main component, to the environmental protection of printing ink the demand also rises increasingly, can say, environmental protection printing ink will be henceforth the issue that printing ink development must consider above all.
Want to make printing ink accords with environmental protection requirement, should change the class status of printing ink above all, use environmental protection material to make up new-style printing ink namely. Current, environmental protection printing ink basically has printing ink of ability in swimming, UV printing ink, biology printing ink, soybean oil printing ink and soluble oil of a few alcohol Chinese ink.
Printing ink of 1. ability in swimming
The dissolvent of printing ink of ability in swimming is water, is not organic dissolvent, compare with photograph of general printing ink, VOC discharge capacity reduced apparently in use process, can prevent air pollution, burn not easily, colourful, do not corrupt edition capable person, the operation is simple, low-cost, adherent strength is good after imprinting, water-resistance is strong, dry and rapid, reason is special apply to the packing presswork such as food, beverage, medicines and chemical reagents, it is the world accepted environmental protection presswork material also is current all pressworking the is approbated exclusively by association of American food, medicines and chemical reagents printing ink in printing ink. The United States is at present plastic there is 40% to use printing ink of ability in swimming in pressworking, other with economy developed country, the dosage that printing ink of ability in swimming uses in waiting to presswork in plastic film like Japan, Germany, France is more and more also. In June 2004, england prohibits with respect to legislation solvent printing ink pressworks food is filmy. According to concerning data report, in the United States, the printing ink of ability in swimming that accords with VOC regulation must be achieved in using position, its volatilize composition scale is in 25% the following, moisture divides little printing ink to be below use condition in water of 75% above; , the composition that does not volatilize is in 60% above these two standards. Printing ink of ability in swimming is used at pressworking commonly paper products and paper model are compound product.
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