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About sun chemistry company
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About sun chemistry company

The sun is chemical (Sun Chemical) it is company of big Japan printing ink (DIC) subsidiary, the whole world is the greatest presswork printing ink and painty manufacturer, the world is packed bannerly, publish, coating, plastic, cosmetic and supplier of other industry market. Year sell 4 billion dollar, global employee 12000. Group company member includes printing ink of famous tall family name (Coates) , Hateman (Hartmann) , K&H (Kohl & Madden) and American printing ink (US Ink) . Sun chemistry limited company (Sun Chemical Corporation) sun chemistry group (Sun Chemical Group B.V. ) subsidiary, headquarters is located in Bernie of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of handkerchief of American new jersey (Parsippany) .

Mix as raw material of management cost rise ceaselessly, sun chemistry is special printing ink company (Sunemicals Specialty Inks Group) will fromRose on September 1, 2008, raise its to be in North America city the 6 ~ that the place has product price 10 % .

"Presswork printing ink industry is experiencing us to last unprecedentedly what all raw material supply catenary cost rise, " Mike Kellen, the product of company of special printing ink manages sun chemistry manager, "These rising direct indirect perhaps originate the growth of crude price, meanwhile of manufacturer of a few original raw material fluctuating substantially also is rise because of,move. Meanwhile of manufacturer of a few original raw material fluctuating substantially also is rise because of,move..

Rise besides crude oil and raw material cost besides the element, other the element that brings about this to rise in price has: Carry, the supply demand relations that nervous oil tastes, dollar goes weak and the commodity market contention to investment.

"Very unfortunate, commodity market will regard printing ink as the potential pressure of the industry continuously in the future that can foreknow, " Kellen says. "But the product that sun chemistry innovates the client that gives us from beginning to end, service and stable supply, make they present optimal value in the market. Make they present optimal value in the market..

Make they present optimal value in the market...

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