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Mandatory standard of attestation of the food material that pack is drafting in
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Mandatory standard of attestation of the food material that pack is drafting in
Begin from this year, what the country has drafted food to package data about the branch is mandatory attestation standard, predicting next year begins to carry out, this standard packs data company in the light of all food, include paper product, of plastic products, compound those who pack, of glass, of the metal, of pottery and porcelain etc, all these food pack material to produce an enterprise to must implement this compulsive standard. This standard asks to produce food to pack the enterprise of material, from raw material purchase manufacturing technology, use the security of process go-between body to the product, the litter that includes to be used has strict regulation to environmental safety, be in that is to say these 4 phase, you have short of of a respect to ask not to allow birth. Ask to use environmental protection in coating respect for example model coating, must not use benzene kind solvent coating, must not use, more do not get check to go out, so this from go up at all put an end to benzene kind a large number of use of solvent. These 3 state levels are mandatory respectively national level " plastic the environmental protection of shopping bag, safety and label are general the technology asks " (GB 21660, 2008) , recommend sexual state level " plastic shopping bag " (GB/T 21661, 2008) and " plastic of shopping bag detect quickly method and evaluation. National level appoint relevant personnel expresses, 6 of original plan plastic level of shopping bag state has incorporated now it is 3, concern at present plastic the national level of shopping bag has been released formally entirely.

Participate in this polybag " GB " plastic second birth uses the Chinese plastic society that makes the work the introduction when Dong Jinshi of professional committee vice-chairman is accepting Chinese intellectual property to sign up for a reporter to interview, can use as on international environmental protection polybag has 4 kinds roughly: Smooth degradation, complete biology degradation, water degradation with amylaceous modified model. Our country but the research and development with plastic degradation only then at going up century 70 time, basic as synchronous as the world. Current, technology of polybag of our country environmental protection is relatively mature is biology degradation model with amylaceous modified model 2 kinds. Produce with these 2 kinds of technologies but degradation polybag product has exported the developed country such as the United States, Japan, Europe.

As we have learned, but biology degradation polybag is with polyethylene plastic give priority to makings, mix into mixes the biology degradation agent such as starch to be made. This kind of polybag discards after outdoors, what what contain in degradation polybag is amylaceous, be in short-term inside by the microbial excretive in soil or rubbish enzymatic rapid degradation and unripe voidance hole, bring about goods mechanical function drops. Accompanying generate emptily, exterior accumulating expands, increased the interface of it and soil, accelerated the degradation rate of polybag.
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