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Printing ink manufacturers generally complain incessantly
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Recently around the printing ink manufacturers have complained that too tight supply of raw materials, which are due to raw material producers in the economic recession, weak demand significantly reduced during the production, and when the need to improve not being able to meet the market demand. Supply of raw materials led to sharp rise in the cost of printing ink manufacturers, the past few months, they have been forced to raise prices several times to keep pace with rising raw material prices increase. Sharp rise in prices of raw materials: It is Dainippon Ink & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Corporation, said rosin resin since early this year prices rose by 75% compared to last year rose by 300%, rosin resins can be used for production of printed ink and paint shiny agent, subject to limited availability of the stimulus, the current price of this material has been substantially higher in the future will further increase. According to phenolic resin network ( experts, rosin resin is divided into three categories: gum rosin, Tall oil rosin and hydrocarbon resin. Among them, mainly from gum rosin, mainly in Brazil and China; Tall oil rosin tall oil fractionation by available; hydrocarbon resin, rosin resins, including aliphatic and aromatic resin from the raw materials of these resins naphtha cracker. Rosin resin, a major U.S. manufacturer of Arizona Chemical Company, Gary North American business leader pointed out that the strong growth in demand for rosin resin prices led the rise. China gum rosin and the strong increase in demand stimulated the increase in labor costs, price of gum rosin in China in the past 18 to 24 months from 600 to 900 U.S. dollars / ton soared to $ 3,200 / ton. The hydrocarbon resin, rosin production is also very nervous, because ethylene plant earlier this year a number of unplanned downtime impact on the market. Sun Chemical Corporation, said, printing inks and other raw material prices have also soared this year, prices have been significantly increased since the paint is expected to rise further next year will be 5%. Prices should increase the cost increase - due to shortage of raw materials, especially rosin resin and most of the paint supply is very short, Sun Chemical Corporation in October of this year the European market increased cold-type printing ink prices. Among them, the cold-Color ink prices rose 0.4 euro / kg, cold-based black ink prices rose 0.3 euro / kg. In the end of September this year, the company has U.S. packaging ink price increase of 4 to 14%.