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Painty quality inspection (13)
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Painty quality inspection (13)

13, water portion

(One) tenet and definition.

Determine painty water portion, basically be the water portion that points to adsorption of painty grain surface. To some dye, the water portion of adsorption of painty grain surface and painty dispersive sex are concerned. The water share volume that has some of lake dye for example is affected to its dispersive sex very big.

Painty water share volume, also have certain economic sense to printing ink maker, so, some printing ink manufactories are right of painty water portion determining is the demand is very high.

Painty water portion breaks those who weigh quantity and former weight to compare with stoving hind (percentage) those who express.

(2) appliance and material.

(1) balance (one thousandth) .

(2) metage bottle (make an appointment with 3 centimeters high, the diameter makes an appointment with 6 centimeters of) . Take the top that grind a mouth.

(3) oven.

(4) desiccator (inside fill have anhydrous chloridize calcic) .

(3) method.

Warm up oven and constant temperature is in 105—110 ℃.

Will clean without corrupt carbonado in the oven of constant temperature of metage bottle park about one hour, take out from inside oven next, cool in park desiccator, next the balance measures (balance quantity time must not exceed 10 minutes of) , take in the balance in balance measuring flask again wait for survey sampleTwo grams, already will carbonado in the oven of the constant temperature of park of balance measuring flask that the balance has painty sample two hours, take out from inside oven next, cool in park desiccator, refrigeration comes after room temperature, had built metage bottle and take out, on balance the balance measures.
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