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Painty quality inspection (4)
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Painty quality inspection (4)

4, tinting strength

(One) tenet and definition.

Painty tinting strength (Tinting Strength) is to show this dye is right of other material catch (move) of lubricious ability, friend also says call coloring force (Staining Power) . In industry of printing ink, paint, after dispersing its namely, in mix into Yu Bai's lubricious dispersive body, the coloring ability that observes material of its dialogue color, reason also makes remove weak value of weak intensity or rhyme

(Tintone, tinctorial Value) .

Painty tinting strength is bigger commonly better.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

Determine with color a likeness. Want one glass additionally piece.

2. Material.

(1) standard white Chinese ink. On international general the dispersive substance that contains 75% zinc oxide. Some units are used contain pink of 60% titanium white (rutile) dispersive body.

(3) method.

Examine according to color first in the scale of subordinate list will be painty and abrade system of the state that become a thick liquid.

Next, go up in balance with glass piece the balance takes standard Bai Mo 2, every5 grams(Or1 gram) , join in white Chinese ink of a standard 0. 5 grams(Or 0. 1 gram) the oar state system of standard dye, join in white Chinese ink of level of additional L share 0.
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