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Painty quality inspection (9)
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Painty quality inspection (9)

9, be able to bear or endure ooze sex

(One) tenet and definition.

Determine be able to bear or endure ooze sex, basically be the applied performance that considers dye. Be able to bear or endure for example of ability in swimming determine, consider namely pressworking (smooth imprint) in the cause that printing ink can contact with water, if be able to bear or endure paintily ability in swimming is bad, the harm with dirty float is caused possibly in presswork, make possibly also imprint taste the bleeding below the humidity condition with be in certain to wait. Solvent resistance is the applied circumstance when making up the dispersive substance that contains these dissolvent considering dye mostly. And determine to be able to bear or endure paintily plasticizer function, basically be to consider them to reach its in the application of plastic respect migratory function, etc.

Determine be able to bear or endure the method of ooze sex is very much, some imprints with printing ink appearance determines, some undertakes determining with dye directly, the circumstance of each country all not identical, can saying is multifarious.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1) and color determine a likeness.

(2) accurate filter paper.

(3) glass piece, 10×10 centimeter.

(4) weight used on a balance, 1000 gramsHeavy.

(5) tube, 50 milliliter.

(6) oscillation machine.

2. Material.

(1) dissolvent (water, alcohol, armour second ketone, xylene) .

(2) plasticizer (benzene 2 formic acid) of 2 laborious ester.

(3) linseed oil (or) of 5 oil that move black.

(3) method.

1. Be able to bear or endure ability in swimming. With determine color oar state system undertakes blowing appearance (can blow a few more widely, for example 20—40 millimeter) , will blow appearance to be put at glass next piece on, in blow appearance to go up answer with 6 pieces of filter paper, with water drenched, go up in filter paper again answer with one glass piece. Lap its with oilpaper or plastic film next, press on wrap up again weigh with
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