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Painty quality inspection (11)
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Painty quality inspection (11)

11, light resistance

(One) tenet and definition.

Painty light resistance is a character that is taken seriously very much in actual application. A few poster, down to negotiable securities (be like a stamp) etc, because exposed to the open air is in sunlight and discovery of classics regular meeting produces the phenomenon that the picture changes, for example some likelihoods are gules fade is dropped, also some likelihoods are maize fade is dropped, etc, affecting the use value of presswork severely, also caused the harm of a few mix the false with the genuine.

Determine painty light resistance, with respect to the end that can achieve choose to need and uses.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1) and determine color similar.

(2) fades appearance (Fadeometer) , common calls insolate appearance.

(8) insolation prison spends blue (common weighs abb) standard (GB730) .

2. Material and determine color identical.

(3) method.

Determine painty light resistance wants preparation undermentioned two kinds blow appearance:

1. Organic pigment:

(1) embodies the oar state system of 20 % dye.

(2) contains 5 % dye, 55 % the oar state system of titanium dioxide.

2. Inorganic pigment:

(1) embodies the oar state system of 50 % dye.

(2) is contained 0. 5 grams(System of 1) oar state, 2. 5 gramsTitanium dioxide (rutile) white Chinese ink (contain 60 % titanium dioxide) among them. Be equal to the dye that contains 12 % , contain the titanium dioxide of 50 % .
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