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Painty quality inspection (3)
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Painty quality inspection (3)

3, oil absorption quantity

(One) tenet and definition.

The pulverous state that does by what measure certainly is painty, become not conglutinate is in slick surface (for example vitreous board) the stiff group that goes up not to rupture to also do not disperse already (putty) account other people, what require the oily amount of lowermost limit, say measure for oil absorption.

The particle of painty pink is oily place embellish only wet and when forming a kind of dispersive granular substance, cannot calculate measure for oil absorption.

Painty oil absorption quantity also is one of painty crucial index. General it and dispersive sex are concerned, for example oil absorption quantity is inferior (10—20 grams100 grams) painty, disperse more easily commonly, dye is contained good liquidity still can be had when stuff is more expensive. Oil absorption volume is higher (be more than50 grams100 grams) painty, dispersive sex compares difference commonly, the painty content in dispersive system also cannot too tall, and have succumb the liability with greater value.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1000 balance of 1)1 / .

(2)25 milliliter (come accurately 0.l milliliter) burette.

(Knife of Chinese ink of 3) small-sized attune.

2. Material.
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