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Painty quality inspection (6)
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Painty quality inspection (6)

6, dispersive sex (painty structure)

(One) tenet and definition.

Painty dispersive sex shows dye is in concatenate makings namely abrade and dispersive difficult easy degree, it is a key that affects labor productivity. The adoption that craft of all sorts of painty finishing, squeezing process waits a moment, all without exception comes for this purpose.

Painty dispersive sex is main concern with the structural character of painty grain, somebody recommends will determine with following relation carbon black and the structural scale of a few organic pigment:


T = -- ―


In type: The structure of T= dye is compared.

The area comparing a list of S= dye (rice2/ overcomes) .

The oil absorption of Y= dye is measured (the / that overcome oil100 gramsPainty) .

Point out:

1, the ratio of S / Y is more than 1 when, painty structure is stronger, disperse not easily.

2, the ratio of S / Y is equal to 1 when, painty texture is softer, disperse more easily.

3, the ratio of S / Y is less than 1 when, painty texture is very soft, disperse easily.

Because determine,painty watch area compares difficulty. Simple and easy and practical abrade antitheses basically introduces here.

(2) implemental.
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