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Painty quality inspection (5)
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Painty quality inspection (5)

5, grain is fineness with particle size

(one) , grain is fineness

Determine the method with painty fineness grain is very much, a few representative mensuration have: Sieve method, precipitation method, accumulate law of conversion particle size, observation from the surface (the graph is inspected) law, diffuse law, impedance law is waited a moment.

In these methods, among them the determining painty grain such as sieve method is fineness, basically be to determine of painty grain intuitionistic and fineness, it is the grain after smashing through machinery namely fineness, it and painty main grain are fineness and spend dispersedly have nothing to do.

Sieve method determines namely the circumstance of the screen that painty grain can pass certain standards.

Bolt is OK and mechanical (or hand) those who shake, painty dosage but from2 grams(be like carbon black) to25 grams(like ferric oxide kind painty) differ.

(2) , particle size

Painty main particle size is a lot of main character that can affect it. What have common sense quite among them is the relation of particle size and tinting strength, other is like the hue, stability that sheds denaturation and printing ink to wait to also be concerned to it.

About particle size determine, ke Te tally is recommended here (Coulter Counter) law.

Ke Te tally determines the theoretical foundation of particle size is electronic bulk (Electronce Volume - namely Ke Te principle) law. This kind of principle is accepted extensively already by everybody nearly. This is a kind of grain flow in making suspension is taking electric liquid carries a critical volume (alveolus) mensuration. Pass the liquid in critical bulk ceaselessly as electric current, the liquid formed a resistor. In this instant, every grain was had in critical bulk quite the liquid of own bulk, changed liquid resistor thereby, brought about instantaneous voltage pulse. The liquid that this kind of pulse and grain replace estimates direct ratio.
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