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Painty quality inspection (one)
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Painty quality inspection (one)

Painty quality inspection basically can divide a category, a main character that is dye examines, one is to apply function to examine. Because the project is more, content is more extensive also, so, we can the particular case according to our country, pick a few more practical projects to undertake discussion from inside these two categories.

One, color

(One) tenet and definition.

The main feature of coloured body has color namely, so, painty color is a the mainest index undoubtedly, if do not have color, they also lost the sense of existence.

The bright-coloured degree of color, the colour effect that decides final product. Whether does it accord with a standard, affect the consistency of the product again. Together with, color is a very sensitive characteristic index, be become aware extremely easily to come out by people place distinction, the standard that controls coloured body facial expression so and consistency are very important. What must point out is, printing ink industry is far to the requirement of color outclass paint industry, this is the quality success or failure because of chromatic presswork, basically be almost greatly decide by color place reason.

Because different dye has different color, and all sorts of color have the color character with unique themselves again (wait) a moment like dominant wavelength, brightness and purity, so its content is more extensive, determining method is more also, here discusses simple and easy and practical standard antitheses only.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1) lubricious pink is abrade appearance.

(1000 balance of 2)1 / .

(3) capacity the injector of 2 milliliter.

(Knife of Chinese ink of 4) small-sized wither.

(5) is blown (Chinese ink) knife (or say to blow a) .
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