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Painty quality inspection (12)
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Painty quality inspection (12)

12, hear resistance

(One) tenet and definition.

Painty heat-resisting function, basically be to consider it is imprinting in ironwork line of business use a case and undertake determining. Because imprinting in the manufacturing process of ironwork line of business, printing ink or coating all need to pass roast friend after presswork. Current, hot solid printing ink also has this kind of demand.

Ought to say some dye have the disadvantage that become angry after high temperature is roast not only, some breed can be used in roast craft far from even, for example yellow department dye is in Han Sha roast hind have frost (sublimate) circumstance.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1) and determine color similar.

(2) oven.

(3) tin.

2. Material.

(Linseed oil of —— of 1) concatenate makings grows oily alkyd (solid content 70 % , in oil dissolvent) 80 % , printing ink is oily 20 % , naphthalene acid is cobaltic 0. 5. Or the concatenate material with relevant other.

(3) method.

Abrade appearance presses coloring pink printing ink of undermentioned scale preparation (color) oar.

Organic pigment: Of dye and concatenate makings than for 0. 6: 2. 4.

Inorganic pigment: Of dye and concatenate makings than for 1: 1.

Next printing ink (color) on tin of oar roller Tu Yu, press undermentioned condition roast:
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