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Painty quality inspection (10)
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Painty quality inspection (10)

10, be able to bear or endure chemical sex

(One) tenet and definition.

Determine to be able to bear or endure paintily chemical sex, not be direct actually of in the light of dye character, point to printing ink of —— of painty finished products however. Because be below the protection that has concatenate stuff, be able to bear or endure paintily chemical sex was improved greatly.

Determining purpose basically is the final use that considers finished product, for example presswork encounters acidity material, pack basic material (like soap) etc.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1) and color determine a likeness.

(2) beaker, 60 milliliter.

2. Material.

(1)1 % oxyhydrogen changes sodium (chemistry is simple) fluid.

(2)1 % hydrochloric acid (chemistry is simple) fluid, with volumenometer.

(3) method.

Preparation is pressed determine color oar state system of the regulation, join acerbity cobalt of a naphthalene next (cobaltic content 6 % ) , blow appearance, in park air dry hind (can place 72 hours of) commonly, its immerge contains in the beaker of solution, take out after 1 hour cool dry, next with not of dip blow appearance to compare situation of its hue and its intensity change. Judge graded.

(4) note.

1. The chroma of acerbity, lye, discrepancy of world each country is very big, the 1 % of this section can offer reference.

2. Grade also divides 4 level.

3. Assess grade also wants a foundation particular case, for example Tie La's be able to bear or enduring is alkalescent, although do not have colored expression,it is in in alkalescent solution, and lake of saline radical sex was full of color in alkalescent solution however, actually this both is to judge what differ ” for “ .
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