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Painty quality inspection (7)
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Painty quality inspection (7)

7, chroma of critical and painty bulk

(One) tenet and definition.

Say simply, chroma of critical and painty bulk (Critical Pigmentvolume Concentration) can define for: In Gan Mo (lacquer) the painty content in film (the dye in dry film changes degree) . In the space between the painty grain in film of this kind of Chinese ink, criterion a kind of state that as it happens is filled up by enough concatenate stuff place.

Now, chroma of critical and painty bulk this concept, often be used to the consideration is ” of chroma of a kind of “ . Below circumstance of this kind of pH indicator, chinese ink (lacquer) the change that a lot of character of film can cause expect to be less than. Can envisage, dye is when this chroma, each other are joint is gotten very close together, but the space between them still is filled up by concatenate stuff place. Because painty grain is not bulbiform, however staff state, acicular, also because the likelihood is abrade and the reason of line, so their joint degree, the difference is very big. These circumstances explain, what because connect,expect is different, and extractive dissolvent is different, its also have as a result not.

(2) appliance and material.

1. Implemental.

(1000 balance of 1)1 / .

(2) is small-sized 3 roller machine.

(8) small-sized centrifugal (take) of 100 milliliter tube.

(4) glass filters crucible (G4) .

2. Material.

(1) moves Chinese ink oily (6000C. P. /20 ℃, be equivalent to 3 oily) .

(2) oil dissolvent (White Spirit) .

(3) mercury.

(3) method.

Dye and oil of tone Chinese ink become oar state with make friends of 3 roller machine (the painty) that contains 35 % .
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