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Books and periodicals pressworks the corner of business development market and c
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State-owned books and periodicals pressworks enterprise, long-term since give priority to with assuming teaching material to print the task, can say the production of the mandatory planning that is danger of a kind of basic calm. But, as the rapid development of market economy, is teaching material made up? Imprint? Send the market unlock liven, the forestall that teaching material prints is broken gradually, in the meantime, presswork industry interior competes to also be in ceaseless aggravate, of policy put commencement to carry on who is order of teaching material production no longer one person said to calculate. Of competition acuteness, bring about printer price to drop ceaselessly, add the raw material that prints place to need complementary makings price as the change of market demand rise somewhat, make imprint tasted profit decreases ceaselessly, print the state-owned books and periodicals that give priority to to presswork with teaching material originally enterprise more and more feel the crisis 4 bend over. The need that admits to live, they are continueing to do make strong teaching material greatly advocate course of study while, extend oneself scope of operations outwards. But, because the long-term production that brings quality of in a planned way manages mode, make these pressworking in the process that the enterprise is having development the market, facing a lot of difficulty and problem, be like: Sale experience is scant, in the process that has communication with the client hard to avoid can feel ability not equal to one's ambition, negotiating with the client even when business, be being pulled by the client nose goes. The requirement that knows perfectly well a client to put forward sometimes is unreasonable, do not accord with printer art requirement, also dare not put forward crosscurrent, wary offended a client, go after client satisfaction to spend blindly. Perhaps be reverse the position of the host and the guest, change the god that oneself are a client, still hold the sort of before waiting for to wear the business sends the psychology that come automatically. Also look down on the fragmentary business of scattered small client at the same time, with old pose as.

As contemporary presswork technical change quickly, a lot of presswork complexly new technology appears, and print the enterprise that give priority to with teaching material, will tell commonly, enterprise plant layout basically is the need that prints according to teaching material, cannot satisfy a client to print medium a few special demand to the product.

Does the society imprint article often hope implementation is short? Smooth? Fast, presswork requirement opposite taller. But if meet the very busy season that teaching material produces, the society imprints tasted production produces conflict with respect to meeting and teaching material production. Often make below the circumstance that answers emergencies experience in lack manufacturing order is thrown into confusion, not only advocate course of study suffers an effect, the business of fetch also cannot be pressed on time finish character.
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