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Kelaien buys American luck special / lucky Kang Yan expects company
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Chemical of Swiss special type precedes unripe Kelaien yield business announced recently, already bought the bead of American lubricious mother that has liquid and technology of solid mother bead to set a company lucky spy system (RiteSystem) / bead of lucky Kang Yan (RiconColors) company. This is bought enhanced Kelaien greatly the lead position in market of bead of North America lubricious mother. North America area offerred significant growth opportunity for its on one hand, on the other hand the client is quite slashing to technical requirement.

Held water 1987, year the lucky spy system that sale is 50 million dollar about / lucky Kang Yan expects the company shares employee to make an appointment with 150. This company is built in 3 cities of the United States have business place, the Xi Zhi that is Illinois respectively adds elder brother, north to block the strange Nuo of city of the Muersiweier of Luo Laina city, California. Its Europe business is in the Vienna that is set in Austria. In the product of this company 2/3 for liquid mother bead, 1/3 for solid mother bead.

Lucky spy system / lucky Kang Yan expects the company is to expand we are in North America area the outstanding partner of product and service, pack with the client of consumable market territory character to ours especially. Dominick Bert of director of business of bead of Kelaien's lubricious mother (DominikvonBertrab) say, in the meantime, lucky spy system is in the experience of respect of liquid mother bead is current to Kelaien the perfect complement of business. Annex luck is special system / after company of makings of lucky Kang Yan, kelaienke offers a client all products that they need and service, the success is scored in order to help its in the competition of plastic mart.

In addition, lucky spy system conduces to Kelaien using this one technology in its to already was in the Europe of lead position, Asia and latin america area further in the outstanding reputation on liquid state colour. Final complement says Dominick Bert. The liquid state that combines lucky spy system is banner technology and Kelaien's extensive whole world professional work, will make this is bought let its client finally gain the biggest profit.

Kelaien is the whole world banner lubricious Mu Lisheng produces business, at present it owns 13 production centers in North America area, the rank in the market of lubricious mother bead that is in this area the 2nd. The applied market of bead of Kelaien's lubricious mother basically has pack, the domain such as textile, car and additive.