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Area of North America of coating of printing ink of Fu Lin spy raises price and
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The United States rests closely message of Mao Si of root general benefit, presswork printing ink industry is bearing unprecedented cost pressure, come from raw material - painty, chemical, pack the current that carries the cost that spreads with content to appeared to rise quickly 2008. This kind of market level is by international crude oil the price is climbed rise direct or cause secondhand, and in downstream market, the created raw material manufacturer production uncertainty of crude prices, what cause whole industry chain then is queasy.

In view of above this is planted situation, group of Fu Lin spy announces from July 21, 2008, all packing data that sell in North America to its and printing ink are added receive product surtax. Specific add receive extent and product standards to be as follows:

  • All dissolve the form of a drug, solidify product, include printing ink, painting, base material product, every pound is added collect fee of 0.1 dollars accessory.
  • Printing ink of ability in swimming, coating and base material product, every pound imposes the surtax that receives 0.06 dollars.

The corresponding period of product of Fu Lin spy carries valence message:

  • Solvent liquid printing ink, lubricious oar, base makings and additive, the product raises price 5% .

  • Solvent black lubricious oar and all dissolve the form of a drug / lubricious oar of white of ability in swimming, the product raises price 7% .
  • Lubricious oar of printing ink of ability in swimming and white lubricious oar, the product raises price 4% .

  • Business pressworks with flat printing ink 6% .
  • Product of all energy solidify, the product raises price 6% .