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Face the extruding of the grim situation of small profit period, state-owned books and periodicals pressworks the enterprise undertakes changing making in succession, or civilian battalion is changed, or share is changed, or the company is made transform. Purpose one, reduce the redundant personnel burden with increasingly heavy industry, liven the system of special become rigid, be liberated with new relations of production and develop new productivity. But carry out a proof, change make be not packet of cure the panacea of 100 disease. The enterprise after civilian battalion or share are changed, encountering an acerb problem generally is the talent stays hard. The big batch prediction of a person's luck in a given year such as the technical backbone that the enterprise is badly in need of, production backbone, management key member, management backbone, some enterprises arrived even production runs the condition that is afterwards hard, face this kind of new grim situation, the author builds character to make suggestions, put forward the following the method of employee of 10 continue to employ, with be being discussed with industry colleague communication.
One, the profit keeps a person
The interest is the active force of market economy, also be employee of continue to employ is principal with precondition. Employee is applied for head ask salary remuneration, company invite applications for a job also is the sign that Xian Liang gives firewood to propose a toast. Both sides reachs a kind to talk things over only approbate, ability signs work contract. Accordingly, the enterprise wants stuff of continue to employ, must formulate a fair and reasonable pay salary standard. Salary wants be practical and realistic already, combinative company and industry are real, want take a broad and long-term view again, accord with an industry to develop the rule and country to concern policy. Especially salary should be stabilized relatively already, inside period of time, determine a level, form a kind of bond, more want flexibility to change, trends is changed. In busy season of black-and-white of books and periodicals, execute base salary to add reckon by the piece. When reaching specified level because of objective reason when crop of stuff in kind, the enterprise should give keep a copy, stabilize popular feeling. But when objective output increases staff substantially, otherwise sells at a discount the ground gives plan hair. Once arrived production is off-season, want to ensure the worker's living cost extends, its standard must achieve local lowest life to ensure line above, if likelihood, to backbone employee, still can raise a level again. Books and periodicals imprints this plants look forward to " go up not to seal a top, the copy should be kept below " system of stretch firewood reward, the production that accords with an industry already also can get the self-identity of employee actually, a kind of science that is employee of continue to employ is changed, the success that human nature changes is politic.
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