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The person that BCF reminds coating and printing ink to use abides by REACH code
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British coating is allied (BCF) passed a few days ago new can download propagandist sheet to remind coating, printing ink to reach presswork consciousness of trade public figure abides by REACH code.

The title of handbill of this one announce is " REACH is very important to you " , use at reminding the use person of coating and printing ink, although be not coating and business of printing ink production and importer, their commercial act will get of REACH code restrict. In the meantime, publicize the basic frame structure that clear REACH code also lists in sheet. Pointed out REACH code will affect the basic principle of the person that coating and printing ink are used. Involve what reduce material as far as possible to use, duty Wu charge, destroy the problem such as the generation that environmental material discharges.

The person that complement of British coating alliance says announce handbill makes printing ink and coating are used realizes should be a basis to prepare with REACH code the job, they are made clear inside the range that includes to decide whether uses material allows in code be needed to adopt at present why to plant risk management measure.

The additional information of REACH code still includes to refer forum of workbench, seminar, workshop, organization and the way that get administrative document. Member of British coating alliance people can use above content.