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The Jiangxi whole world that start is the greatest project of pink of vitriolic
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From Jiangxi commission of province economy trade understands, jiangxi adds limited company of smooth chemical industry to started total dimensions to be 200 thousand tons of / a few days ago year first phase of project of pink of rutile titanium white. This is the whitening of vitriolic law titanium with the at present greatest whole world one of manufacturing projects. As we have learned, this one project will be divided period construction, among them first phase will invest 4. 500 million yuan, build 50 thousand tons of / year pink of high-grade rutile titanium white and its form a complete set 200 thousand tons of / year vitriolic ability revises a project, predict put into production of the complete end 2009. 3 period after building entirely, pink of this company titanium dioxide always is produced can will amount to 220 thousand tons of / year.