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Company of British ICE printing ink and Arets company are in flower business is
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The sale section that British printing ink produces enterprise ICE to produced company of enterprise Arets Graphics to be in England with major of Belgian UV printing ink a few days ago is amalgamative, this will bring up a sale to obtain the company of bad news lumber of 6 million pound.

The agreement with two amalgamative enterprises was signed on July 8. The share that Arets Belgian parent company bought ICE accuses originally, established company of ICE Arets UK from this, this company bought Arets Graphics(UK) company again conversely.

The copartner Buddhist nun of ICE company Ke Frost (Nick Frost) Allan of · of peace treaty writing (John Allanson) will be in new company remain in office. The British headquarters of Arets company is located in Laisite, here will make the headquarters of new company. 3 when ICE company is located in at present of London, benefit and Essex already reservation of some net name a person for a particular job.

Frost expresses, "We are the new companies that form by the printing ink person that has rich experience. This, the traditional printing ink of company of the UV product of Arets company, ICE incorporates together with the chemical before imprinting, will compose a sequence of overall bad news material, this also realized true market changeover. " he still expresses, the company plans farther dilate, considering to set the possibility of the dot in British northeast area.

Be in afore-mentioned 4 sites, this company shares about 25 employee.