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Silent overcomes Shanghai of center of technology of pearlescent pigment client
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Chinese Shanghai message, on May 14, 2008, german silent restrains a company (Merck) special effect and center of support of technology of client of life science Shanghai held celebration of grand new site practice in Songjiang. The play of the center in holding water to expand the business that captures chemical China and even whole world in silent is worn crucial action. Silent gram, aim to offer high grade product while, tripartite confrontation makes fast and efficient service system.

German silent overcomes special effect and vice president of department of life science pearlescent pigment Dr. Seidl to say: "Silent overcomes the client technology of Chinese new completion to support a center, pass comprehensive design and equipment, certain details surmounts German headquarters even. The practice of this center, can provide more comprehensive service to the client, reflect a company to be with the client this principle, be sure the other country of benefit and Chinese home and Asia-Pacific area. Be sure the other country of benefit and Chinese home and Asia-Pacific area..

"Our client technology supports a center to had done sufficient preparation to satisfy the requirement of home market. " director of center of client technology support Ms. Shen Chunxiang says. "The abidance that expects to pass us the product that exert will come to help a client perfect them. The client gets a success, it is our success! It is our success!!

Pearlescent pigment ministry is plastic, presswork reach manager of the business that prevent bogus Mr Qian Bin to say: "The center of client technology support of new completion also explained gram company is in silent to pass specific action to reflect its to offer the resolution of more overall service for Chinese market ceaselessly.

Be good at gentleman says Song Zhen of manager of business of paint of pearlescent pigment ministry: "The client technology of new completion supported a center to reflect silent adequately to overcome a company to serve a concept. Be a client to create all-around value is the objective that our persistence pursues. Be a client to create all-around value is the objective that our persistence pursues..

The predecessor of center of client technology support is Mokezhuguang dye and cosmetic application lab, be located in inside answer dawn campus, held water 1998, change location is loose 2007 river base. This lab basically is in with respect to pearlescent pigment coating, plastic, presswork the application that reachs cosmetic domain provides technical support to the client. New experimental building is designed according to international standard and build, provided advanced experimental instrument and facility, gathered to be in the senior technology qualified personnel of relevant domain, ensure provide top-ranking calculable technology support for the client.

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