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Home of fill of project of printing ink of soy of Henan crane wall is blank
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On July 16, 2008, crane wall 100 carry beautiful imprints Wu limited company controller tells a reporter gladly: ?

Project of soybean oil Chinese ink by Beijing investment of 100 carry beautiful seeks advice from limited company to invest construction, register in new developed area establish crane wall 100 carry beautiful imprints Wu limited company, the project always invests 108 million yuan, cover an area of 84 mus, the scale of production after the project builds entirely is produce per year soybean oil Chinese ink 10 thousand tons.

This company head period the propagandist sheet that the product will use contented Beijing Olympic Games, rich of textbook of middle and primary school, world basically is after the Olympic Games meeting, food packs those who wait for a domain to presswork have form a complete set.

Produce per year total floor area of project of 10 thousand tons of soybean oil Chinese ink 65172 square metre, at present first phase 4 standards workshop in all 10 thousand square metre already complete, product line of 2 1 date, workshop is debugged end. Recently the employee of invite applications for a job is being accepted groom. 2 period project program job will be started October. After the project builds entirely, can realize production value 450 million yuan, profit tax 86.4 million yuan.

Company controller tells a reporter: "Current, the company already was maintained to be key of crane wall city to appear on the market mothball enterprise, relevant stockjobber makes an on-the-spot investigation formally already, strive for doing poineering work board appear on the market after open quotation. After appearing on the market, prepare to enlarge scale of production, attain the scale that produces per year 100 thousand tons of soybean oil Chinese ink, production value achieves 4.5 billion yuan. Production value achieves 4.5 billion yuan..