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Shallow talk presswork the administrative principle that the enterprise uses pri
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Pressworking in the factory, printing ink is mainer raw material, it and bear imprint what material differs is: Its quality stand or fall and surplus surplus (already open) how many with use means, spot management has very big concern. Bear imprint material quality is bad to can return money at any time, but printing ink a lot of moment are not quality bad, however surplus capacity is too much, these remnant Chinese ink were thrown regrettablly, reoccupy however bad to use, also have more than is needed how many, create the keep long in stock of capital and waste. How to manage good printing ink effectively, controlling very odd printing ink to measure is a lot of pressworking the problem that the factory must face, administering a benefit is clearly on this problem.

Presswork the factory chooses 2 ~ commonly supplier of 3 printing ink is enough. overmuch worse management. Primary colors is red have commonly slant bright red, slant two violet kinds; Primary colors blue cent slants shamrock, slant two violet kinds; And primary colors yellow cent slants green, slant two red kinds. When selecting printing ink plant, it is clear to be told with them, the primary colors with him major plant is to slant of what, general they can satisfy a requirement, assure the accord of unbleached Chinese ink as far as possible so, can ensure presswork the hue in quality is consistent.

Unbleached Chinese ink is used as far as possible when new edition first time pressworks, not this unbleached Gong Chong is weak 20 % , that unbleached Huang Chong is weak 30 % , and unbleached La Youjia is nodded deep blue, be being done so that became simply is completely only color, do so that every imprint a product almost Chinese ink of avery kind of wants to change. The client pressworks to sign appearance by such printing ink, have to move black by such means later, to presswork the works increased a lot of troubles. So, it is very important to sign the first piece of appearance, answer to use unbleached Chinese ink as far as possible. Actually, color does not have pair of alternate versions, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, the key is with the client channel has friendly relations.

Additional, the quality that must explain presswork to the client is to look have the line that do not have a knife, administrative levels transfers natural, site move is waited a moment whether successfully, is not this color it is quality difference, that color is quality good. Especially new breed, do not have at all necessary adjust primary colors will be adjusted. Had been done at this o'clock, can reduce odd printing ink, inventory printing ink greatly.

The accretion of printing ink must be added for many times, and the capacity that adds every time is less, in order to carry the scale of new old handwriting or painting of printing ink, go up especially when Chinese ink quantity is little, if be added too much, likelihood a class is exhaustless, the function of after this printing ink already changed somewhat: Color pales, stream smooth become poor, give knife clue easily, blow sordid, generation bleb, to pressworking quality has huge effect. Has used printing ink often should filter.
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