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Imprint the application that the instrument measures in tasting quality to contr
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Imprint the application that the instrument measures in tasting quality to control

Before people is to use the method of range estimation to undertake evaluating to chromatic presswork. The influence that this kind of subjective evaluation is existing to suffer outside ambient easily, judgement forbids, because of the person easy, repetition rate is low a series of defect, already was measured by the instrument gradually at present so this kind of objective method place is replaced. Actually, the object shows lubricious prime cause, depend on be being absorbed its optionally, i.e. depends on the shade that wavelengh differs in light of object surface dialogue absorbing. Accordingly, tasting metrical the most substaintial method to imprinting is the prismatic reflectivity that measures object surface (or transmissivity) . And density value and chroma value are the color feature parameter that by the object prismatic reflectivity derives. Density is elaborated to measure respectively below measure with chroma, compare them imprinting the application in tasting quality control to detect.
1 density is measured
Density mirrorred printing ink characteristic to the absorption of light-wave. The ” of “ color density that customarily indicates is to point to when measuring, plant through red, green, La San colour filter is measured respectively yellow, article, the density of black printing ink. Regard “ density as ” , it is the magnanimity that physics absorbs character only, show the rate of “ black ” or “ grey ” only. Say from this meaning ” of “ color density is measured also is “ blackness ” only measure, it is same the report of the relative value of kind of degree of saturation of printing ink.
Density measures a law to ask to dog in controlling color process actually the change of the respect of ply of Chinese ink layer in pressworking. We know to pressworking in, transparent printing ink is adherent go up in opaque paper, what we measure actually with the densimeter is the reflection cost that absorbs gloriole via printing ink. Present the ingredient of the main effect since color to chromatic object, it is smooth illuminate arrives when the object, the transmission of generation, absorb and reflex 3 kinds of phenomena. According to Lamber-Beer law (fall in certain wavelengh, smooth uptake and ply of Chinese ink layer and chroma are in direct ratio) :

The ply of 1 the layer that it is Chinese ink in type, c is printing ink chroma, the suction that Aλ is printing ink is smooth index, d is reflection density, it states the object is right smooth absorbency.
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