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Printability experiment machine
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Printability experiment machine

1, Dong Delai pressworks than stannum machine of institute printability experiment

Presswork than stannum by Lai institute design, forme platen is made by aluminium, it is easy to disassemble. Install online line copperplate, also can accomplish reticle edition to presswork. Still have, stretch tight on embossing platen on mackintosh, will determine opposite loiter is dirty used roller regards as embossing platen is used, also can accomplish anhydrous offset print. The limits of likelihood adjustment is: Presswork speed 0. 5 ~ 4. 3m/ See, imprint press 0 ~80kg, move Mo Gun presses 0 ~ 1. 6kg.

2, machine of experiment of Germany FOGRA printability

By FOGRA design. Borrow gearshift motor to press embossing platen what what ask to presswork speed rotates, go to experiment scrip outfit on sample board, insert this into embossing platen and forme platen between, try example to lend attrition strength, presswork through be being finished at the same time between two platen at the same time. Sample board slides then opposite loiter arrives on slideway dirty determine place, be in then loiter of opposite of aspirant without black-and-white paper travel is dirty. Difficulty is printing ink must from add the device moving black of outfit to use forme roll beforehand. The size of experiment scrip is 20*27mm, adjustable limits is: Presswork speed 0.8 ~8m/ Sec, imprint press 0 ~ L00kg.

3, Japan pressworks bureau printability experiment machine

Mix by the embossing platen that installs test film the forme platen of motor of direct and concatenate infinitely variable speeds, and roller of Chinese ink of two divide evenly is formed, imprint pressing is to rely on bedspring or weight used on a balance to be applied, the whirl of embossing platen is by drive of pillow of canister of forme platen by. Adjusting range is: Presswork exterior speed 0. 4 ~
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