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Viscosimeter series
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QNPModel Flat viscosity appearance

Smooth (row) board viscosity appearance, also call spread out appearance. This is one kind builds the apparatus that makes the same score the principle that printing ink flows between andante in two, it can be in low cut stress to fall to measure a printing ink well and truly the condition of going from place to place between two parallel board.

The printing ink of will certain amount is put on flat, will transparent (glass or plastic) on board freedom falls, press on printing ink. Printing ink drop begins to be rolled out outwards after press press, in the diameter that printing ink shop determines below different time, to achieve the biggest diameter to stop.

Can determine with appearance of smooth andante viscosity 4 parameter of printing ink, namely viscosity, succumb value, intercept and slope.

1, equipment instrument

(1) flat viscosity appearance

(2) stopwatch

(3) move Mo Dao

* (2) , (3) provide for oneself

2, the experiment must be in temperature 2 ℃ of 23 ± , relative humidity 50 ± 5% undertake.

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QNZModel Situomo viscosimeter

According to GB/T 9269-88 the design is made. QNZ viscosimeter is the weight course that uses weight the moment that cover mechanical transmission system and produces drives roll of rotor of oar blade profile. Change the weight of weight used on a balance, the obstruction that makes rotor of oar blade profile overcomes coating and rotational. When its turn up arrives when 200r/min, what a basic stability sees on clock can shine in frequency model design, right now the weight of weight used on a balance but corresponding translate into is measured the viscosity of coating is worth namely KU value.
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