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Blow use method of Mo Dao
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There is main effect in blowing Mo Dao to presswork in net edition, general and commonly used is metallic knife is mixed rubber-plastic knife, its characteristic and application introduce respectively below.

One, metallic knife

1, move imprint blow Mo Dao

The quality of drawknife evaluates index to basically the flatness of hardness, ply, stretch, blade waits. Choose the flat metal strip with the better flexibility with thick 0.25mm to make scraping cutter commonly, its point Ying Feng is blown, as can smooth, flat, close together as steel printed sheet be identical; Drawknife blade not sharp or be short of caustic can cause the ungodliness that blow Chinese ink and adhere is in graph grain brim or mark of generation drawknife Chinese ink, serious meeting blows printing plate a striation. Drawknife should become proper point of view with forme, avoid to blow Mo Dao to fall to enter forme sunken office opportunely, blow Chinese ink to cross much damage and graph grain; If discover drawknife and forme contact are rough, be about to adjust close together; The length of drawknife should be more than design character to be close to steel edition width, it is good that the pressure of drawknife should blow Yue Xiaoyue of the pressure below the premise that printing ink of graph article part is not on clean forme with be in, wear away loss is small also.

2, SMT blows stannic knife

The metallic drawknife of SMT also is commonly used. As the use of closer span component, the dosage of metallic drawknife is increasing. They are made by stainless steel or brass, have smooth bit figure, use presswork angle is 30 ~ 45 ° . Besmear of a few drawknife has lubricant stuff. Because use inferior pressure, they won't cream from stannum of the gouge in starting a hole, because be a metal,return, drawknife of their unlike balata wears away easily in that way, do not need accordingly sharp. They are more expensive than balata drawknife cost much, cause velar edition possibly to wear away.

2, rubber-plastic knife

1, SMT balata blows stannic knife

When use balata drawknife, chosen drawknife type is assembled in the printed circuit of standard unit and close foot component (PCA) in it is distinguishing. Stannum creams the demand of the quantity also has very big different, close span component asks to stick outfit component to get much soldering tin amount less than standard face, solder dish area and ply also control stannum to cream quantity. Use balata sclerometer is measured so that hardness is 70 ~ the scraper of 90. When using exorbitant pressure, infiltration creams to the stannum of velar edition bottom the likelihood creates stannic bridge, the bottom with frequent requirement is wiped brush. Permeate to prevent bottom, solder dish the mouth must have sealed effect when presswork. Edition of film of this be decided by opens the thick coarseness of hole wall. Of the knife that blow stannum wear away degree, pressure and hardness decision presswork quality, should monitor carefully. Want to get acceptability presswork pledges, drawknife edge should be sharp mix linear. Small conference creates drawknife pressure omit and coarse brim, and the drawknife with drawknife tall or very mild pressure pressworks those who produce stain record the effect, damage possibly even drawknife and velar edition or silk screen. Exorbitant pressure also apt creams from stannum of the gouge in wide starting a hole, cause soldering tin circle horn is insufficient.
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