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Optical balance
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Balance is a laboratory necessary instrument, inspect working need, can set thick scale respectively or analyse balance to count a station, basically give priority to in order to analyse balance in the article, introduce its to be used correctly reach maintain common sense.

One, the sort of balance

Press a feeling to measure cardinal principle to be able to divide kind:

1, tray balance (thick balance) : Also have call its common medicaments balance, feeling quantity is in commonly 0.2 grams of 0.1 ~ , hold an amount 200 grams, have greatly most carry those who measure 5000 grams, use at becoming the requirement with bright not strict requirement commonly, if make up solution of per cent chroma, or the respect such as manufacturing control analysis.

2, industrial balance (craft nicety balance) : Its generation has feeling quantity thallium, gradienter and dustproof glass are overspread. Feeling quantity is in commonly 0.001 grams of 0.01 ~ , the biggest hold an amount 200 grams, use at industrial analysis to wait like the thick portion that measure water commonly.

3, analytic balance: Also make ingenious balance, feeling quantity is in 0.0004 grams (damp balance) 0.0001 grams of ~ (light produced by electricity analyses balance) , use at the respect such as chemical analysis and solution demarcate.

Still have thin arm balance, microbalance in addition (feeling quantity is in 10 thousand grams of 1/10) etc. According to our country standard, press feeling quantity to be able to divide 10 level, when leaving factory commonly, take the place of have technical specification, show its order and degree.

2, the construction of balance and installation

The working principle of balance, it is lever type commonly, it is with balance of analysis of semi-automatic light produced by electricity now exemple, undertake introductory. Introduce term of term of commonly used balance above all:

At 0 o'clock: Position of the finger when showing after load is started, balance is not balanced is at 0 o'clock.

Equilibrium point: (stop a point) position of the finger when the balance after be being started when load.

Sensitivity: Point to the balance in the balance to go up commonly, increase one milligram load, angle of deflexion of pressing with a finger, the cent degree with usable mobile on sign finger expresses.
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