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The choice of agitate inker
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In gravure production, because of the volatilization of the dissolvent inside Chinese ink chamfer, printing ink uniformity is reduced, the surface forms Chinese ink skin and Chinese ink easily piece, after edition roller is taken, drawknife is blown not easily clean, make imprint taste generation to paper the blemish such as line of edition, knife. Want to solve this kind of problem, should let printing ink only " flow " rise, keep undertaking mixture, nature can prevent this kind of situation.

Let printing ink move rise the method has two, it is pump of loop of use printing ink, let printing ink rise circularly; 2 be agitate inker is placed inside Chinese ink chamfer, let printing ink generate flow inside Chinese ink chamfer. Former the outer circulation that is printing ink, cost is high, and increased to appear the element of breakdown, general with add system of automation of solvent, viscosity to close suitably, not be article introduction. From the point of view that makes printing ink even for, latter is a kind most significant step of economy.

Agitate inker is the strong record thing that makes with aluminium alloy commonly, the surface has helical successive and protuberant, namely alleged " moire " or develop a line, two end have magnetic stuff, OK and adsorptive go up in edition roller. Inker of the agitate when pressworking is float in printing ink surface, when edition roller is rotational, suffer sorption face to turn over directional roll. When roll, ripple drives printing ink surface layer, let motion of surface layer printing ink rise, hit printing ink thereby even, avoid to imprint taste relevant quality question.

Quality of decision agitate inker basically has the following at 2 o'clock:

1, the effect The agitate Chinese ink of agitate inker basically relies on to develop a line, namely alleged ripple, the rotate speed of its size, angle, structure and agitate inker decides effect of agitate Chinese ink. Generally speaking, agitate inker rotate speed jumps over effect of Chinese ink of fast, agitate to had been compared. Develop a line bigger, point of view is old, effect of agitate Chinese ink is good. But develop a line too big, roller of edition of magnet part distance is far, magnetic force is abate, not easy and adsorptive, agitate inker rotate speed is reduced (lose turn) , instead the effect is poor.

2, life Because agitate inker needs to hang in printing ink surface, it is hollow commonly, if heal leak, solvent enters agitate inker interior, the meeting is sunken, lose mix effect, so the heal of two end should anti-corrosive. Additional, exterior wearability is close friends a few.
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