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How to adjust the orgnaization is defeated by water of offset press
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Offset print pressworks the quality stand or fall of the product, the balance that whether keeps certain with printing ink and water is not divided. Presswork in the process, too big or water supply amount is too small be often incidental, because the size of forme moisture is,since forme dirty respect expression comes out. However alleged case dirty it is water not just the amount is small and those who cause, handlers causes printing ink and moisture overbalance via often can increasing water supply measure erroneously, form vicious circle. Does moisture cross congress to arise what to kind ofly presswork sequential?

1, color of diluent Chinese ink makes Chinese ink color slants weak, lacklustre, the influence imprints tasted colour. If use the method that increases amount leaving black to be not worth in order to rescue Chinese ink color, can cause Chinese ink again water is big, big, make image sends thick, hair burnt, print is unsharpness.

2, cause Mo Gun to take off Chinese ink. Serious when the metropolis on whole Mo Gun has accumulative moisture content, make part of forme graph article cannot get normal Chinese ink volume to supply, cause forme graph article " see things in a blur " .

3, those who affect print is dry. If the water of excessive of the interfuse inside printing ink is divided, the meeting is dry to printing ink the effect that has to check. Add again more moisture is absorbed inside paper, the dry rate of the product will be more slow.

4, paper fiber has absorbed washiness, meeting generation is out of shape, cause overprint to forbid. Also can make paper quality of a material loose, drop wool easily, accumulation is on mackintosh or forme, serious effect pressworks product quality.

5, emulsification of printing ink happening, make printing ink is lost agglutinant. After printing ink emulsification, cannot have protective effect to forme graph article, cause easily " beautiful edition " , can reduce the pressrun of forme at the same time.

Pass the analysis of above, explain water Chinese ink balances the stand or fall that master, it is offset print black-and-white a crucial link. Handlers besides by experience besides, more important is be used correctly what should master offset press to be defeated by water orgnaization and adjust.

Presswork to make the water supply quantity of orgnaization is defeated by water can suit manufacturing requirement, orgnaization is defeated by water sets control to water is divided and adjust the device that water measures. This can delimit according to their working property for 3 each parts: It is water supply device; 2 it is unit of divide evenly water; 3 it is water supply equipment.
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