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Offset press is working medium lubricant problem
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Offset press speed is in 6000 pieces / H above high speed runs, if lubricate not in time, drop in temperature, meet to machinery each component is brought very big wear away phenomenon. Drench type lubricates is among them a kind, it is to show lubricating fluid drenchs like rain it is above the component that be lubricated or cools. In the side outside the two wallboard of homebred offset press, use iron plate respectively sealed cover closes the component of transmission rise, and use the lubricant device of circular type, have the lubricant effect of drench type to cam gear bearing and other drive disk assembly, have the function that drop in temperature to the drive disk assembly such as the gear of transmission, bearing, cam at the same time.

Offset press uses drench formula the characteristic of lubricant means:

1, drench type is lubricant, smoke oil to carry a loop through oil pump, lubricant effect is good, range is wide, save oily waste capacity.

2, already can the ground lubricates in the round equably the parts of transmission, can undertake seasonable refrigeration to calorific component again.

3, fall in the pressure action of lube, all drive: Gear, cam, bearing got rinse almost, contamination and eyewinker are precipitated the bottom at oily pool.

4, make all sufferring drench component, the surface is not rusty, also won't corrode.

Homebred offset press chooses 40 ~ commonly 50 machinery are oily, undermentioned problem should note in the job:

1, seasonable observation and additional oil fluid, in order to maintain in the loop from time to tome the lube of sufficient capacity;

2, degree wants the lube cleanness inside oily pool tall. To oil fluid should take significant filter clear step. Will contain dirt, fiber, scrap, impurity smeary clear come out; Drench type is lubricant should maintain cleanness to spend, change in time lube.

3, how much does the oil of drench type lube measure, the aperture of the window that inspect oil that should operate face and transmission area through observation will judge, and be in stop careful observation is more accurate when machine.

4, the lay aside oil inside gasoline tank is measured, do not get oil level of excessive ground prep above to indicate a route, can cause leakage oil otherwise.
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