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Machine of horizontal sand milling operating rules
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One, cooling water valve is opened above all before switching on the mobile phone;

2, the examination cleans fluid, clean fluid to answer enough, clear, should grant to add otherwise or change, the 15 small leather belt that establish litre of sand milling machine to should check transmission dissolvent pump are in good condition.

Attention: 1, 30 establish litre of sand milling machine to clean fluid to ask to use alcohol;

2, 15 establish litre of sand milling machine to inspect product function to use corresponding dissolvent can.

3, if machine down time exceeds 24 hours, before switching on the mobile phone, should protect benchwork by the workshop (or jockey) open leather belt shield, force of choose and employ persons turns repeatedly leather belt annulus 10, 15.

4, before adding up to magnetic force starter extremely iron carapace switch (outdoor) button of the electrify that press a wall (green) receive electrify source namely, start the electric machinery that use pump next, need a material after the mouth has stock to pour out of, restart electric machinery, do not allow empty machine to start commonly advocate electric machinery.

Attention: 30 establish litre of sand milling machine advocate electric current of electric machinery job must not be more than 46A, 15 establish litre of sand milling machine to must not exceed 23A, should stop machine examination otherwise.

5, after sand milling machine begins the work, answer to note its job position at any time, observe whether pressure watch and thermometer work, notice to adjust pump fast.

Attention: 1, if discover sand milling machine gives out unusual sound, should stop instantly machine;

2, express guiding principle when pressure to 1kg/ ㎝2Or thermometric finger to temperature upper limit (the summer 60 ℃ , other is seasonal 50 ℃ ) . Occurrence pressure watch or thermometer not when the movement (stop automatically machine) , should stop instantly machine.
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