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About the current situation of painty standardization
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About the current situation of painty standardization

1, fundamental condition

Mark appoint since can holding water, standardize worker through painty domain the joint efforts of a few acting people, painty standardization job obtained the progress that your person fixes eyes upon. The painty standard that puts in buccal management 's charge by committee of countrywide coating and painty standardization technology at present shares 62, standard of its China home 45, occupation standard 17. The base that content includes to apply to painty domain, painty product reachs the level such as experiment method. These standards made existing painty country and occupation standard system, in directive production, improve product quality, the respect such as stimulative commerce and the application that promote a product and development all had main effect.

Countrywide coating and branch of dye of committee of painty standardization technology (the management department putting in a mouth 's charge that TC5/SC8) is national dye standard. Main and responsible painty domain standardizes a technology to put in a job 's charge, main task has the organization is made and edit painty standard; Prop up as the technology cooperate a country to make standardization job guiding principle and policy; According to the development of the industry the organization builds competence region system of standardization to express; Undertake to the standard reexamine affirms regularly; Attend painty international to standardize an activity, undertake making known one's position to painty international standard, track reach analytic research; Announce be linked together of the standard grooms; The development of standard sample extends etc.

The rate collecting prize that at present level of our country painty field uses international level is about 59% , the much with the higher rate that collect prize is experiment method standard. Of standard of international of speak or sing alternately change rate for 46% , fail of standard of our country of seasonable translate into basically is standard of a few extender and method of dispersive sex assess and dispersive method standard.

1.2 standards use a situation

Existing painty standard reachs his in our country painty industry main effect was produced in the development of relevant domain, its basically reflect in:

1.2.1 The enterprise organizes the production, technology basis that develops commerce and governmental standard market
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