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Adhesive keep in storage period determine method
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Adhesive keep in storage period determine method

1. Thematic content and suitable scope

The reserve that this standard set adhesive period determine.

This standard is applied to through determining the change of the viscosity of around of adhesive keep in storage or adhesive bonding intensity, the store that affirmatory adhesive leaves in rated condition period.

2. Cite standard

GB/T 2790-1995 adhesive 180 ° come off pressure test method (flexibility stuff is right steel sex material) (ISO8510-2: 1990)
GB/T 2791-1995 adhesive T- comes off pressure test method (flexibility stuff is right flexibility material)
Of viscosity of GB/T 2794-1995 adhesive determine
Shear strength of drawing of GB/T 7124-1986 adhesive determines (the metal is right metal) (ISO 4587: 1979)
GB/T 17517-1998 adhesive compresses method of shear strength experiment (lumber and lumber) (ISO 6238:1987)

3. Definition

This standard uses following definition:
Storage Life of period of keep in storage; Shelf Life
Below rated condition, what adhesive still can maintain his to operate function and formulary intensity is the biggest deposit time.

4. Sampling

The sample that the sampling means that provides by adhesive product standard takes out replete capacity to have lid container for 500mL from inside the adhesive of strong production at least triplet, airtight wait for measure (if sample is packed,be less than 500mL but need not divide outfit) .
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