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Mensuration of painty covering power
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Mensuration of painty covering power (GB1709-79)

This method is to show dye and oil of tone Chinese ink are abrade quality oar, even besmear is brushed at black and white case on vitreous board, nigrify white pattern is right by cover the smallest measure with dye, with G/m2Express.
1 instrument equipment
Glass of black and white case board (area of black and white case is 2 ×104Mm2)
Paintbrush (wide 25~35mm) ;
The knife that move black (long178mm, wide 7~18mm) ;
Balance (feeling quantity0.2g) ;
Plane abrasion machine; Camera bellows (over all dimension is 500 × 400 ×600mm; Bottom is opened wide, besmear does not have smooth black lacquer inside) .
2 material
The oil that move black (benevolence oil makes pure flax) :
Viscosity S/ of 140 ~ 160mPa ·25 ℃Or 38 ~ 42 S/25 ℃(Besmear - 4 viscosimeter) ;
Acid value is not more than 7mgKOH/g;
Color is more than 7 (iron cobaltic colorimeter) .
3 determine measure
Say to take sample 3 ~ 5g(is accurate to0.2g) , consult subordinate list calls Chinese ink extraction tone oil, on the side of ground glass of lower of machine of plane abrasion of park of 1/2 ~ 1/3 that takes its prime minister, the Mo Dao that use air is smooth, increase 5MPa pressure, undertake abrade, every 25 turn or 50 modulate are mixed, mediate 4 times in all 100 or 200 turn, join the rest to move Chinese ink oil, the Mo Dao that use air is smooth, put reserve inside container.
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