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Dye and extender are general experiment method
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Dye and extender are general experiment method

This standard department equivalent uses ISO787/16-1986 " dye and extender are general experiment method -- the 16th part: The relative tinting strength of chromatic dye (can comparative colour) with diluent color determine -- visual compare a standard " .
1 theme decided at the higher level but not officially announced and suitable scope
This standard set with visual compare a law to determine the current trial method of the relative tinting strength of two kinds of congener and chromatic dye and diluent color.
Do not apply to some when this current method when specific product, should stipulate a special method determines painty diluent color and relative tinting strength.
2 principles
Treating the dispersive form that tries sample and standard sample issue preparation in certain condition with automatic muller, two dispersive body and lubricious oar use certain proportional Bai Yan to expect the oar undertakes mixture each, 2 when comprise this strong light oars have chromatic intensity and diluent quality quite.
The main factor that affects painty tinting strength is as follows: The force that brings to bear on on automatic muller; Optimal and abrade pH indicator chooses dispersive form; Dispersive body is optimal and abrade revolution; Diluent scale chooses; The strict control of metage and operation.
3 material
3.1 Qi Ji
Recommend with following two kinds of Qi Ji:
3.1.1 Alkyd: With 63%(m/m) flax anhydride of 2 formic acid is benevolence oil and 23%(m/m) adjacent benzene fundamental mixture, acid value is the greatest 15mgKOH/g; Viscosity (without solution) 7~10Pa · S; Hydroxide value makes an appointment with 40mgKOH/g) .
The flax of modified of ester of 3.1.2 amino formic acid benevolence oil; Flax benevolence oily content is made an appointment with 80% ; Acid value 0; Root of free different cyanic acid 0; Free hydroxyl 0.8~1.2% ; Viscosity (20 ℃) 15~18Pa · S.
Oar of 3.2 white dye
3.2.1 it is with alkyd base the white oar of makings, should have the following composition: The R of 40 quality portion titanium dioxide; The alkyd of 56 quality portion; The tristearin acid of 4 quality portion is calcic.
The knife that use air mixes afore-mentioned constituent equably, grind in 3 roller next on abrade till fineness board on of the test fineness when be less than 15um, stop, lay aside in the container at airtight, in the tube that had better be the turncap that take snail.
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