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Standard of industry of printing ink of new-style ability in swimming
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Soft Quality Edition Imprint Brush New Model ability in swimming Oily Chinese ink


1, limits

This standard stipulated flexographic plate pressworks requirement of the breed of printing ink of new-style ability in swimming, technology, experiment regulation and mark, pack, carry and keep in storage.

This standard is applied to give priority to raw material with the kino, add painty, filling and auxiliary to wait for printing ink of gets via compound and abrade treatment ability in swimming again, the product can apply extensively at toy of wine of food, smoke, medicines and chemical reagents, cosmetic, children to wait presswork pack soft imprint and sunken imprint domain.

2, cite standard

In the clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When the standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.

ZAB 17005 pressworks classification of printing ink product, name and model

Law of proved recipe of check of viscosity of GB/T 1723—1993 coating
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