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Concatenate material is other the project detects method
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One, specific gravity determines

Normally specific gravity is to show some material is when 20 ℃ , corporeal itself weight and with bulk pure water is in of the weight when 4 ℃ than. With Express. The proportion of simple matter is fixed, determine specific gravity can see purity, if glycerine content is measured,use proportion namely surely.

Determine method and instrument:

Densimeter law, proportion weighs a law (although use Webster proportion scale,determine) reach way of specific gravity bottle.

2, of melting point and caky iodine determine

Melting point: Show solid matter is below an atmosphere, turn into by solid the temperature when the liquid. Simple matter melting point is fixed Quan Rong temperature prevents bogus to often be inside 1 ℃ limits. If have foreign matter, increasing with respect to limits of meeting liquefy temperature is melting point drops normally. Use instrument is commonly used capillary law and stew facility is multi-purpose flask of bottom of P garden tubal form adds test tube air bath law. The medium that add bath is multi-purpose glycerine or introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad sesame oil.

Freezing point: Namely the temperature when wet goods becomes solid state by liquid state below an atmosphere. Type secures simple matter freezing point, if contain freezing point of foreign matter criterion,reduce normally.

Commonly used instrument: Be like,be but husband bottle (namely bushing of double deck glass takes out interlining air) .

3, of refractive index determine

Refractive index is to show the light is in air (tell strictly should be in vacuum) transmission speed and the ratio that transmit speed in the material that be measured. Speed travels in air because of light the fastest, consequently refractive index is more than mostly 1, refractive index expresses with N normally, measure an outcome to its because of temperature and light-wave at the same time influential, want to measure temperature and place consumed wavelengh in the line out on N so. Write into namely
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