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Presswork the fluidity of printing ink reachs his to determine method (one)
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Presswork the fluidity of printing ink reachs his to determine method (one)

Consider first from the fluidity of printing ink. Presswork printing ink is the solid particle dye and other inserts make in the concatenate makings at fluid shape dispersedly, the thick cent prose style free from parallelism that presenting complex fluidity is. And, serve as concatenate makings to replace the dry oil with long already continue to use at the liquid of solvent with colophony dissolve in recent years, and because connect makings itself has presented complex fluidity, so more intractable. Wraparound say, they show blame Newton to flow and show false plasticity. Raise wind shear rate namely, criterion apparent viscosity decrescent. However, different forme kind, substantially sets with what normally the method measures viscosity to be worth.

Pressworking already was by high mechanization technology, presswork so the quality of printing ink also needs to be controlled well, from this meaning, also can say, to pressworking printing ink shedding changes learned research is dispersive there are one of evolutional contents most in the system.

Determine presswork the fluidity of printing ink, basically be to use andante of peace of viscosimeter of transition coming back to compress viscosimeter. The flow of Newton of former especially comfortable Yu Fei, research that touchs denaturation, latter is used at the research that plasticity flows. Capillary model and fall spherical viscosimeter and these are compared, because condition of going from place to place is complex,go up in the principle, presswork to the elephant so the research of the material that printing ink behaves complex fluidity this kind is inapplicable.

Rotate what viscosimeter uses the most generally is cylinder of coaxal double deck model, the canister outside rotating with fixed rate determines action at inside the Couette of the torsion of the canister viscosimeter. Among them blame the viscosimeter with Green is the famousest. In addition, determine handily, commonly used Brookfield viscosimeter. This is rotate with certain angular velocity inside canister, have the aid of holds the spring on runner shaft coming back, determine action at inside the torsion of the canister. Fischer was used rely on pulley and heavy weight to give inside the canister brings to bear on certain torsion, in order to determine inside the Stormer that the rotate speed coming back that canister place shows spends viscosimeter. Rotate speed of particularly comfortable Yu Xuan spends this kind of viscosimeter little state of affairs. No matter use which kind of types, the concern of the D of apparent shear speed that uses earnings of cylinder of coaxal double deck viscosimeter and T of wind shear stress is as follows type:
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