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Painty standardization develops a tendency
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Painty standardization develops a tendency

1.1 development trend

According to WTO/TBT regulation, the industrial country such as the United States, Germany, England, Japan is affirmatory the technical basis that uses international standard to regard the market as admittance in international trade. Of the rate collecting prize that at present level of our country painty field uses international level and international standard change although rate wants than a few domains a few taller (like) of coating field level, but very as bigger than still having as developed country photograph difference, because this dye standardizes the job to want to continue to insist to use international level, raise the rate that collect prize, will promote industry technology to progress, raise painty product to be exported in order to promote a product and obtain good economic benefits in the competition ability of the international market; 2 should take what materiality attends international standard seriously to make edit the job, through working hard indefatigably, turn passivity is active, in order to increase the capacity that the company answers demand of domestic and international market actively.

Be aimed at the problem that at present the industry exists, take the reexamine of pair of old standards seriously, seasonable to cannot satisfying the old standard that develops need organization edits; The standardization that dogs actively to the development of product of new and high technology is developed and develop these fields in time works; Develop a product technical the research of trade measure, technical to sufferring abroad the exit product with trade barrier bigger impact and older to concussion of development of our country product entrance product research are made answer measure; Raise a level further level and write quality, if strengthen metric system to decide experiment of medium test and verify to work, take product user seriously the opinion to the standard, choose the test method with current international as far as possible, check the development of the instrument to wait with standard synchronism as far as possible; Filling fission to show a company is the main body that standardizes the job, the initiative that produces an enterprise adequately to participate in standardization to work all should be the direction that painty standardization works hard etc.

915 " of 1.2 " metric system edits program

1.2.1 Basis national level cleared 2004 rectified result, painty domain plans to edit have 13 with integrated castigatory standard, among them method standard 11, product standard 2
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